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    Suggestions/Improvements for Asus XG27AQM (270hz with ELMB sync) please read

    I currently have a G7 monitor and this monitor to compare to and I'd like to give my suggestions to how to easily improve this monitor through a firmware update. (I hope we can update the firmware on this monitor).

    To add a little more info, looking at the service menu values for OD gain while changing the OD settings while not using ELMB sync I noticed the following
    OD 2 = 07
    OD 3 = 0C
    OD 4 = 1A

    Recommended OD for elmb sync
    OD gain = 12 for 200 hz and above
    OD 3 = 0C is perfect for Gsync VRR elmb sync as it works consistently well through out the refresh range (from 144 hz to 270 hz)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    elmb sync @ 144 hz with OD gain 0D (slightly more voltage than OD 3 but you could use OD 3)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    elmb sync @ 165 hz with OD gain 0D
    Click image for larger version. 

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    elmb sync @ 240 with OD gain 0D
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    elmb sync @ 270 with OD gain 0D

    VS the default below for 144hz...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    elmb sync @ 144 with OD gain 1A (default OD 4)

    1. Through the service menu, I was able to change OD gain to 12 down from 1A when ELMB sync is enabled and it improved image quality with less inverse ghosting and no noticeable ghosting @ 270 hz and helped manage some overshoot from the lower refresh rates.
    2. Make an option to use OD 3 for elmb sync. I think it's the best compromise for quality. You can also do OD gain 0D (one step above) and it will look marginally better.

    I recommend the following options:
    -Firmware update to replace OD 4 with my recommended OD 3.5 (OD gain 12) that used by default whenever ELMB sync is enabled
    -Firmware update to replace OD 3 with this OD 3.5 and move OD 3 to 2. OD 2 isn't as suitable for VRR as the default OD 3 and OD 3.5 is even better in my opinion
    -Firmware update to add service menu settings to favorites and make them persistent

    I know this is a big ask but I'm tried of constantly losing my OD gain settings every time that I switch inputs or turn off the monitor.

    2. ELMB sync on this monitor has none of the following options:
    -Change location of motion clarity (top, middle or bottom) like some of the other elmb sync monitors have. (I wasn't able to find the setting despite using regular elmb and disabling gsync)
    -Change the strobe length which was also on some previous elmb sync enabled monitors. This monitor is actually TOO bright in my dark room with it's default ELMB sync brightness and there should be at LEAST an option to select Pulse Width at a lower value to get better motion clarity in exchange for dimmer screen (advantageous to some of us in darker rooms). Obviously adding an option for variable pulse width that's user defined is best but I'm sure you won't enable it because of the tuning you guys did on elmb sync

    Also I'd like to add that in the manual:
    Page 20 reads
    "ELMB/ELMB SYNC: ELMB can only be activated when Adaptive-Sync (DP)/
    Variable Refresh Rate is Off and the refresh rate is 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz,
    or 270Hz. ELMB SYNC allows you to turn on the function when Adaptive-Sync
    (DP)/ Variable Refresh Rate is On. This function eliminates screen tearing,
    reduces ghosting and motion blur when playing games. The function includes
    5-level clarity and position adjustment."
    Which makes me believe the 5 level clarity and position adjustment was planned for this monitor but is missing. Please implement this on elmb sync as on offset to what you guys already have. I like that elmb sync disables under 125 hz in order to prevent the double and triple crosstalk, I think it's a good compromise.

    3. Allow us to enable/disable elmb sync through DDC/CI. VPC codes allow for enabling and disabling gsync but not elmb or elmb sync which seems odd to me, some of us would like to create a utility to have "per app" profiles where I might enable elmb sync for some games but disable it for others.

    4. Allow us to change OD while elmb sync is active. We can already change OD using VPC codes (only when elmb is disabled) so let us change it programmatically, we could in theory make utility to change the OD depending on the app we are using (dark souls 3 is locked to 60 fps so OD 2 or 3 would be more ideal than OD 4 using elmb sync.

    These are my suggestions, this would MASSIVELY make this monitor that much better and it already gives the samsung G7 a run for it's money in my opinion. It has more consistent pixel response time across the board (light or dark transitions from what I can tell) with less overshoot and no flicker issues to worry about.
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