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    Ryzen 5900x Dark Hero x570 VERY high temps bios 3601

    Hello friends.

    I am currently rocking an ASUS Dark Hero X570 and a Ryzen 5900x (rest of build specs below).

    When I built this I had an issue with CPU temps due to the cpu getting 1.43v at all times, causing 60c+ at idle, and the moment I turned on a game it would shoot to 80c+ and get worse. After endless hours on forums and troubleshooting, I came across this video:


    After following these steps, I was able to get a stable 4.4ghz at 1.2v which gave me a decreased temp of around 65c after hours of gaming, -30 negative offset all core running BIOS v 3401 and D.O.C.P. on set to standard profile no tweaking. It worked very well and did not have any issues. Fast forward I purchased a LianLi 4.0 PCIe riser cable to vertically mount my ASUS strix 3080, and then updated bios to new stable v 3601 and right away the issues returned. However now when I put the card back in without vertical mount , and flash back bios to known good version, the issues returned even worse. Now at idle I'm about 70c and after half way through one game of COD for example the game crashes and I'm exceeding 84c cpu temps.

    Steps I have taken to try to remedy this:

    Removed riser cable and reinstalled GPU normally.
    Flashed bios BACK to known good version 3401
    Cleared CMOS
    Reinstalled Windows
    Reverted all bios settings back to standard/auto and did not mess with PBO/Curve Optimizer
    Purchased new AIO
    Created more aggressive fan curves

    No matter what my temps are insane and I cannot get this rig to cool down no matter what I try and its unusable. Only way I can get this rig to play games without crashing is just leaving all bios settings stock but temps are insane. At this point i'm pulling my hair out and any help is appreciated.

    Current build:

    -Lian Li 011 Dynamic

    -Ryzen 5900x

    -Asus Dark Hero X570

    -Asus Strix 3080 OC

    -Corsair Dominator platinum RGB 3200MHZ (8X32GB)

    -Corsair Elite Capellix AIO triple fan

    - WB Black 1TB and 500GB m.2

    -Corsair RMx 1000 PSU

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