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    G73sw Issues with white/black while gaming

    This has been a reoccurring problem mainly while playing an mmo. All the white in game become pixelated appear greenish and all black appears red, sometimes flashing. All my drivers are up to date all games I play run smoothly. It seems to only happen when I play mmo's and even when I tab out of the game the problem persists with anything else I view. Once I shut the game down it goes away.
    When I lift up or move my laptop it seems to fix it until I either place it down or put pressure on the area near the touchpad. I've tried screenshotting it but it doesn't show in the screenshot so it leads me to think this is an issue with my screen.
    Has anyone had similar problems?

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    I have read of similar problems in other posts, where users experience flickering green dots on black backgrounds, pink shadows or other colors. Here is an example:

    They also report manipulating the laptop by pressing on the corners or lifting the laptop by one corner changes or resolves the behavior. If an external monitor or LCD TV attached to your laptop does not display the problem while your laptop display does, it is most likely a faulty LVDS cable connection to the motherboard, defective LVDS cable, or (less likely) the laptop display itself.

    These effects are reported to occur without overheating issues, but it is always a good idea to eliminate that cause by running temperature monitoring software like SpeedFan, HWINFO64, or RealTemp configured to log CPU and GPU temperatures, then attempting to reproduce your video issue.

    If you are still within your retailer's exchange/return period, I recommend exchanging your laptop for a new unit.
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