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    Unhappy Spikes in GPU fan tachometer with no sense

    Hello guys, i have a problem and after few weeks of insufrible investigation, the problem has defeated me.

    My gpu fans doing rare spikes in fan tachometer RMP, the issue is not numbers, its perfectly audible sometimes, apparently randomly.

    I have NO F. IDEA why the gpu makes that, i tried almost everything trying to flatten that line. The issue can occur at any time, being more common when playing a game because the GPU speed usually changes

    Honestly, I wouldn't care if it weren't for the fact that every time what I point out in the image happens, the graphic scales very quickly in speed and it's quite annoying.


    open the image in a new window to see whole image
    After seeing a post on reddit I have seen that despite having a high resolution is not normal that the graphic never goes idle, I discovered that there was a background process that made it work, the process is benign, what I discovered is that in idle the fan speed is maintained, I have done some tests and these are the results, it seems that at higher voltage memory or core is not able to maintain the fan speed and fluctuates, is it possible that being a base OC graphic is giving problems in the power supply ? Can you think of anything to fix it? I have tried everything I could think of except raising the voltage.


    First of all, my components. Its a new PC, every item its new with 2-3 weeks of life aprox.

    AMD ryzen 7 3700X
    Asus ROG strix 750g 80 PLUS gold 750w
    corsair force mp510 SSD 480GB
    Asus ROG Strix B550-F (bios version 2006)
    x4 corsair vengeance LPX at 3600mhz
    Asus TUF gaming GTX 1650 OC edition 4GB GDDR6. (actually 451.48, tried more than 10 versions)

    Secondly the things i tried:

    Put in and out GPU card, RAM memory, check each cable in the box.
    Change GPU slot in mb

    GPU drivers, clean with DDU and install/unnistall some versions.
    Change every energy options in Nvidia control panel and Windows10 energy options.
    Install Asus tweak 2 and 3, try personalized curves of speed.

    Install and change in MSI afterburner this things:
    enable/NOenable low level hardware access interface, normalmode/kernelmode
    Enable/Noenable low level IO driver
    In Fan options, tried every combination in there, using firmware control mode, trying some fan curves, more time of speed update, force fan speed, temperature hysteresis... Everything.

    Other interesting info:

    im using a 2560x1440px resolution
    one screen
    the gpu stays 1410mhz core clock and 6kmhz memory clock in idle mode.1950mhz core clock in some games.

    I need help, thanks in advance and sorry if u feel my english bad.

    If u need more info of antyhing just ask for it.
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