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    Post Upgrades Are Needed On The ROG Set Of Gaming Routers (RT-AX89X)

    I wanted to offer some feedback in regards to the set of ROG routers as someone who wants to get the best experience. I saw that the “Let Your Ideas Be Heard: Project Dream Machine” thread has been closed for a few years now. I am a new user to this forum, and specifically made an account just to post this, so hopefully this is the right place to offer some feedback or suggestions on the ROG Gaming Routers.

    I am someone’s who gets Fibre to the Home internet over an SFP connection, and was looking specifically at the Asus RT-AX89X (or known as the AX6000) because of the fact that it came with 2 10G ports, one for 10G SFP+ and 10G Base-T (Ethernet). One of the perks of this ROG router, is that the SFP+ port (and only the 10G ports) can be configured as a WAN port, and connect right to the ISP without the need for a fibre modem if it’s running multi-mode fibre (single mode fibre supposedly doesn’t work).

    This feature is talked about in a review found here:

    For me, this is an amazing feature, as it does away the need for both crappy routers and crapy modems as supplied by the ISP’s and would buy this in a heartbeat. However when comparing the Asus RT-AX89X to other gaming routers such as the new ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000, the RT-AX89X is missing some new important features that can be found the newer router. Specifically the Tri-Band Wifi 6e capabilities which are found on the Rapture GT-AXE11000, however the RT-AX89X is only capable of Dual Band Wifi 6. The RT-AX89X is a few years old by today’s standards, and is due for an upgrade on the 10G set of routers.

    With the new IPhone 13 being rumoured to have Wifi 6e capabilities, as well as no doubt going to be the new standard for the foreseeable future, the RT-AX89X is due for a “refresh”. Another option, would be to add the 10G Base-T and SFP+ ports directly to next ROG Rapture GT refresh, that way people with high speed MM fibre can connect directly to the router itself.

    Also, another crappy thing about the RT-AX89X is that while it does feature a 10G Base-T WAN/LAN port, it doesn’t feature any 2.5Gb WAN/LAN ports however the*ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 does feature only one 2.5Gb WAN/LAN port. It would be great if a refresh to the RT-AX89X could keep the 10G Base-T port while also featuring some 2.5Gb WAN/LAN ports.

    Another request that’s probably been asked before is also to expand on being more than “Just a Router” and to add more modem capabilities to future ROG routers, simply because both Modems and Routers supplied by ISP’s are usually garbage. The majority of routers made by ROG can’t be used as a modem (again, except the RT-AX89X on the SFP+ port Multi-Mode Fibre). Add a coax cable to the routers that can be used as a modem, as well as add modem capabilities over Ethernet as well (which could be done on the 10G Base-T port if it’s added as well). This would bring a massive competitive edge to the ROG set of gaming routers, being a 2-in-1 gaming modem/gaming router, and give more value to Asus buyers. I know this is a much more difficult task, as they would have to work with different ISP’s and carriers to get their device “certified” for use as a modem with the different companies, but a computer parts company as big as ASUS can get it done and again, would offer a massive competitive advantage to their product line.

    For me, while I’m in dire need of an optic Fibre gaming router like the RT-AX89X, I’ll be holding off until it gets the refresh it needs with Tri Band capabilities, and Wifi 6e.
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