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    Can a RAM bay be replaced on the G75VW motherboard?

    I disassembled m G75VW to repaste an overheating GPU (and the CPU while I was in there), but then the laptop wouldn't start. After a lot of trial and error, I determined that it would start if neither of the more accessible sticks of RAM was in. So I tried one, then the other, switched them into a different slot to see which stick was bad, but as long as either stick was in either slot, no start. So, I am guessing the RAM Bay is bad. Can this item on the motherboard be replaced? If so, any idea where I would learn the part number and purchase one? Perhaps I could find a salvaged mobo, but am not sure how to tell whether the RAM bay has gone bad on that one.

    Could something else cause this problem, settings or going into BIOS to have it re-detect the second 8 GBs of RAM? Seems unlikely to me that both sticks of RAM would go bad at the same time, so guessing it's not that.

    Thanks so much for your wisdom and advice on this!


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    Sounds like your kit is not compatible with the existing memory. Ideally you want to buy a kit of the size you need and replace all of the memory.
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    What ram were you using? I replaced the ram on my G752VY with Gskill ripjaws 2400. It wont tun above that. If you were mixing sticks thats an issue too. You can add more thats exactly the same but hard to come by or replace it all which is what I did. 64GB in it now, came with 32, one under and one accessible through the user panel. I tried a higher speed but 2400 is the ceiling for whatever reason.
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