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    Zephyrus G14QM iGPU


    I wanted to get a true benchmark of the RTX 3060 on my G14QM laptop, so I went into the Device Manager and disabled the AMD Graphics (iGPU) of the 5900HS CPU under the Display Adapters in the Device Manager.

    I then went and tried running a benchmark, which didn't work. It appears that the RTX 3060 got turned off as well, resulting in a basic VGA video display.

    I know on regular desktops, and on many laptops, you can specifically run a set installed graphics GPU, and turn the other, like in this case, the CPU's iGPU, off.

    Has it got anything to do w/the Max-Q Technology of the RTX 3060 in the GA14QM laptop?

    Before I tried shutting it off, I went and ran one benchmark, but instead of running the RTX 3060, it saw and ran the AMD's iGPU instead.

    . ROG Zephyrus GA401QM (Q14) Laptop, AMD Ryzen 9 5900H CPU; Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU; 24 GB DDR4 (1x8 GB, 1x16); 1 TB Samsung Pro980 M.2 SSD; Windows 10 Pro

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