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    possible to de-register a product for second hand sale

    I have a GPU which i have had for barely a month i am going to sell because i was able to get myself a much better card, but the potential snag is that i already registered it with Asus.

    Is it possible to de-register this so the new buyer could register it, or can they just register it directly themselves?

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    I believe once you register a serial number its done. I could be mistaken but doubt it. Ive sold cards in the past and just left an open rapport with the buyer that should they experience any issues while its still under warranty to let me know and Ill contact ASUS for the RMA. For the most part I dont bother registering unless I have an issue. The warranty period is based off of the date on the original purchase receipt which can be passed along.
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    Bro, not sure about your country of origin. In my country as long you produce the original invoice of product you purchase, within the warranty period, all it covered by warranty. Regardless if you registered through ASUS website.

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