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    Highpoint SSD7540 Not working with video card in slot 1


    I received acquired a Highpoint SSD7540 I am having an issue though when I have my 3090 in slot one and the SSD7540 in slot 3 the computer will not book and just hangs at load VGA Bios. When I move the video card to slot 3 and the SSD7540 into slot one everything boots fine and the only issue I am having is trying to get Windows 11 installed, but that might not be related.

    The motherboard is a Zenith II Extreme Alpha with a 3990x installed. Anyway it would be nice to get this to work with the video card in slot 1 as I have the 3090 kingpin and the backplate is really thick so any card you try to put into slot 2 doesn't really fit and has to be inserted at an angle.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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