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    do the ROG keyboards make noise?

    i have an old g75v and its really getting too heavy for my lap (10 pounds). im on it from 4 to 14 hours a day (working at home for now) . my left leg has actually starting having issues. so i need something lighter. i see newer ROG are just 6 pounds so hopefully that would help. I read this review:

    The Zephyrus S17's optical-mechanical keys offer a uniquely tactile experience. Unlike the membrane keys of most laptop keyboards, these emit subtle yet high-pitched clicking sounds when pressed.

    and it scared me. my old machine makes zero sound when i type on it. also i have what i consider normal keys but i see in some laptops they are membrane or other different things. theres no way i want any clicking when i type on any machine. so do the new machines click at all?
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