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    is any new ROG better and lighter than my G75V. need new machine

    17inch I7 3630 with 16 gigs RAM and currently i have a 256 SSD plus a 2 tb seagate hybrid (by the way do NOT ever get them, they suck). i must have a new 17 replacement so here i am

    I dont game but i got the machine years ago to future proof myself. i love the machine still but it's too heavy for my extended usage on my lap and it's hurting my legs (up to 14 hours a day working at home the past year). so i need something lighter but at least the same power. i do very heavily use the machine for video converting (from laptop to my tivo using pytivo) and i also convert videos using AVC so i believe the gaming series is what i need. i also regularly have firefox open with at least 20 tabs and chrome open with 10 tabs. so converting vids while all this is open needs at least the 16 ram i had before I guess maybe even more? but im ok with 16. If i could get a single 2 tb SSD to take the place of my 256 + 2 tb I think i could deal with the loss of the space. but i understand ROG has additional bays which is nice.

    i also have an issue with them taking away the page up and down keys on the keypad. i use them heavily. i dont want to have to press function to do that but i see microsoft has a key remapper.

    i see the different levels of ROG and im wondering what is closest to what i have. the only way i know to compare is use a website comparing cpu specs to make sure a new one is faster. like i guess the i5 on the tuf wouldnt be as good? i need guidance. i assume stay with i7 at a minimum? Thanks

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