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    Strix 713QM @ Cast to TV need help plz!!

    Hi all,

    I just bought this 713qm.

    I wish to ask if you all facing screen mirroring issue to TV which will not connect in my case.

    It show connecting on my laptop and TV and few seconds later TV connecting missing while laptop still show connecting but not never success

    should be just use "connect" and chose your TV and cast right? my 5 years old laptop just that simple.

    What is did try was
    Reinstall Win10
    driver updated to the latest
    remove antivirus
    disable firewall
    both connected to the same 2.4ghz network with private network
    disable powersaving on mediatek wifi card
    reduce screen to 60hz from 144hz
    enable printing network
    enable streaming media

    both my old laptop and phone casting to TV without any problem. Also my phone cast to laptop also no problem.

    someone please help. thanks in advance!!

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