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    Axe11000 and ax11000 aimesh

    I have a question and was hoping I can get some help. So I'm using the axe11000 and ax11000 in aimesh. Axe11000 is the main and ax11000 is the node with ethernet backhaul. I understand that I lose the 5ghz-2 band for backhaul but in my wireless devices I see a 6ghz band that I'm able to connect to with my Samsung note 20 ultra and my quest 2. When I connect with my note 20 ultra on Verizon it says the band is unprotected(in Verizon protection app). And the second concern is I thought the note 20 and quest 2 even though they're wifi 6 and not 6e I'm still able to connect to the 6ghz(6e) band. Any thoughts on these two concerns would be appreciated.

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