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    slimtype bd e ds4e1s WILL NOT READ ANY MEDIA

    I researched the forums for information to fix my dvd/rom but looks like there isn't any solutions! I've seen post after post of people that have the same slimtype bd e ds4e1s as I do on the same laptop G74S. And it also seems that they're all screwing up at the same time! I've do all the fixes they said to do. I did have the high and low pass filter in my registry, but it still had no effect as far as my player reconizing any media. Is there a recall on this particular one? If not it should be. Are there anymore solutions out there that hasn't been tried short of replacing the drive. I need my drive for my graphic work. I don't have time to send or take it anywhere. So if they'll send me one that would be great. On the tech page it said to upgrade the driver with the firmware, but there isn't any for these types of plug and play devices. I need help!

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