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    Hi all,

    For my new PC build I have chosen Asus Dark Hero based on my previous good experience with Asus Maximus Ranger VIII.
    As of now I have tested 7 Dark Heroes (4 from Newegg, 2 BHPhoto&Video, 1 Amazon), all of them were made in Vietnam, all 7 were faulty - mobo won't POST, Q-Code 00, yellow LED ON OR it won't wake up from sleep/hibernation. I tried different memory kits from QVL list, different PSUs, nothing helped. Tried everything suggested in this thread - S4+S5 settings, stealth mode, etc.
    My config looks similar if not the same to other people's in this thread:
    AMD Ryzen 5900X, G Skill RGB 2x16GB (or TEAM ARGB 2x16GB), PSU 1000W+

    Thanks to the guy who mentioned Z690 recall for mobos made in Vietnam, it kinda explains a lot about Dark Hero issues. It feels the same - memory power and RGB management doesn't work great on this mobo, sometimes it won't light up, sometimes it will, but PC won't POST. And this is QVL memory. I have also tried with non-RGB memory - same issue. You have to disconnect power completely to discharge some capacitor and let it start (not 100% though).

    On one hand - many people have no problems with Dark Hero and praise this mobo as the best, on another - there's a 40 page thread of people returning their mobos just to get another with the same issue. I like feature set on this mobo, but quality control is just absent. 5th mobo of 7 I tested had broken capacitor legs and overall look very poorly assembled. This is beyond acceptable. At first I was frustrated, but now I'm just curious - can I get the working one? I keep sending them back to retailers just to receive another one defective.

    I told myself I'd stop at number 10. 3 more attempts and I'm giving up on ASUS products.

    Thanks to all people in this thread sharing their stories, suggesting workarounds and mentioning related issues for another mobos from ASUS.
    As an alternative to Dark Hero I'm thinking about Gigabyte's AORUS Master or MSI's MEG X570 ACE.


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