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    Question Armoury Crate trying it access network drives with wrong credentials

    Hello everyone,

    I have a NAS drive, and I map it as a drive on my Windows-10 desktop PC. Pretty standard affair.

    For security, I also have the NAS setup to block anyone that has 5 failed log on attempts within 10mins.

    I've been struggling (for sometime now) with my desktop PC having its access to the NAS blocked via the above rule. I'd clear the block (via another device) and soon after clearing; the block would be reinstated.

    Upon reading the logs security logs on my NAS, I can see my desktop is trying to access the NAS but with the wrong login credentials. However, sadly, that's the extent of my logs, it just lists my my computer and the username it tried to log on with; not what app, service, etc that is trying to login.

    Finally, after a painstakingly long trail and error exercise, I've found that stopping Armoury Crate resolves this issue. Turing it back on and the issue returns. So after uninstalling Armoury Crate, I have not had a single failed login attempt on my NAS.

    I think I installed Armoury Crate to setup a mouse I use on my Chromebook. For what reason does that need to be accessing my NAS drive? And why is it using wrong credentials to do so?


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