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    following the Intel news the last couple of days, I think it's clear that right now it's best to wait anther year for Sapphire rapids. if you can not wait, it's hard, but maybe you can find an used x299 board, e.g. R6EE and a core i9 on ebay or similar if budget is tight.

    With regards to Alderlake, I think Intel is making a big mistake killing of AVX512 for consumer (they are fusing of AVX512 silicon in the performance cores effectively knee capping the Golden Cove arch). AVX512 just made it into consumer grade CPUs with icelake and tigerlake (even in laptops), and after 5 years (since launch of AVX512) there are now tuned libraries that take advantage of AVX512 to efficiently accelerates many workloads. So as far as I am concerned, I will avoid Alderlake altogether. I am actually quite pissed about this: Due to the pandemic, many corporation have re-platformed their employees on laptops with less and less stationary PCs (people working from home or flexing drives laptop trend) -> leads to that corporate s/w have to run on the laptops. With tigerlake they got AVX512 on laptop so s/w libraries tuned with AVX512 could run there and dev could target that h/w stack. but now with Alderlake it's gone (likely also on core iX Alderlake based laptops).
    So I'm not upgrading anything to Alderlake period. And Sapphire rapids is the one to hold out for - specs look great. Hope there will be a 58 or even a 96 core HEDT version. hope there will be a workstation laptop CPU that keeps AVX512. Let's see what happens.
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