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    Audio FIX Z490-E/F crackling/Popping/electrical noise

    Do you have crackling/Popping problems with random electrical noise?

    I've had months of sound problems, even after deleting drivers and putting it all over again and even formatting

    I came to explain how I solved it and help others with the same problem (I've tested it in 2 builds "Z490-E and Z490-F" with this problem after 3 months everything is still ok)

    1- Clear all sound drivers explained by MoKiChU
    2- Install MoKiChU Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG SS3-DTS MB) ​
    3- Open the "Armoury crate" and in tools you will notice that the sound driver has no version, select the sound driver and update (this step is important, I have already tried step 1 and 2 the sound is excellent, but the crackling continues )
    4- restart
    (5- optional) if you get hoarse sometimes the RGB, BT and network card gives latency the ideal is to update too, if you use DPC Latency you will notice that changing the lights or using BT or uploading too much gives latency breaks

    I've had months looking for a solution for me it's really ridiculous for a board like this to have sound problems so I hope I've helped someone if nothing gave the only solution must be an external sound card I don't think replacing the board will help but if you find it, share it too

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