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    G751 2nd hard drive

    I am looking at changing the hard drive in my old G751. Is there a limit on the memory size? I know there is a limit to 9.5mm. Thinking of a 2 or 4 TB

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    Size is dictated by the OS.
    My G751JY (wife inherited it after I bought a G7752) has two drives, AN AHCI M.2 drive and a Sata 2TB. The G752VY runs NVME M2.2 natively and will even run two of them in Raid0. I dont use mine as a desktop replacement so the 2x 960pro 1TB drives suffice just fine as I only use it on road trips, just replaced the battery. If I need to pack more with me I take a portable drive or can log onto my NAS from anywhere I have an internet connection.

    As for memory I have 64GB in both of them. Problem is if you didnt order it with 64GB you will have to do some disassembly to get to the two slots that are not in the user service area. I ordered a 16GB model and it came with 1 stick in the user area and the other behind where you have to take it apart to get to it. Not difficult. Ive done it enough takes me about 10 minutes. Plenty of tear down vids out there.
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