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    VG27AQ1A turns black


    a few months back I bought the VG27AQ1A monitor. Every time I make a cold start of the PC, after about 5 minutes, the screen turns black for a few seconds. This happens only once each session, so it isn't that much of an issue.At first I though this was the cable, so I tried a few out, then I though it was perhaps the system itself, so I tried the monitor on 4 different PCs with different GPUs, turned Gsync on and off, installed different drivers (also the monitordriver from the Asus homepage). The problem persisted. Then I sent the monitor back and got a new one...same problem.
    Other monitors in my houshold don't have this issue.

    Is it normal for this monitor? I mean I've read the other threads with similar problems, but there it happens again and again in one session, so my problem is a little bit different. Or is it a Nvidia-driver issue (though I've tried a few different drivers)?
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