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    Question Augmenting M.2 SSD cooling on Z590-I?

    Building a new PC on ROG STRIX Z590-I, Iím worried whether the motherboardís native M.2 heatsink will be sufficient to cool two SSDs prone to overheat, and if not, then what can be done?

    The point is, Iím going to move SSDs (namely, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB and Intel 660p 2TB) from my previous PRIME Z390-P build to Z590-I, and the SSDs were tending to overheat all along. Iíve tried different solutions: Thermal Grizzly coolers, Sabrent Rocket headsinks, and ended up with ineo M3 active coolers.

    Z590-I provides, however, no room for this kind of gear, so Iím worried the SSDs may overheat, especially when they both are installed into this sandwich:

    Could you please suggest how to allow sufficient cooling for the SSDs in this situation? Or maybe Iím worried for nothing, and this magic sandwich will maintain temperature like a charm?
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    Hello there,
    Moved this thread to PC building related section for further discussion.

    You may consider to put the Samsung SSD above the Intel one.
    Thank you.
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