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    Question R6E - USB 3.1 E5678 not working on boot

    Having a strange issue with USB ports E5678 (the top 4 just below the clear/flaskback buttons) where they no longer appear to work until Windows loads. Historically that's where I plug in my keyboard and mouse. Had been running FW 1902, but decided to update to 3501 having been a couple of years. Having done so, I was forced to relocate to the Intel ports below to get into BIOS. What's really odd is that I plugged in a USB flash drive and THAT did work.

    Pulled other USB devices plugged in
    Cleared CMOS
    Loaded optimized settings
    Double checked BIOS settings that they were enabled.
    Tried disabling fast boot just to keep testing.

    Seems like an odd thing to happen. They're fine and work once Windows loads.

    Searched around a bit, but can't seem to find any answers.

    Any ideas or thoughts?

    EDIT (Sep. 1, 2021): Pulled everything. Cleared CMOS again. Plugged in only the keyboard and it did work. Started plugging things in one by one until it stopped. Mixed things around a bit. Can't point to anything specific causing the keyboard/mouse to stop being detected prior to Windows booting. The BIOS screen goes black once in a rare while too, but that's another issue. Why I hate updating BIOS and drivers if there wasn't a problem to begin with.

    EDIT (Sep. 16, 2021): After having weird issues with USB devices like the keyboard and mouse just randomly failing in Windows 10, I swapped over to BIOS 2 to see if stability would return as it previously had been. Zero issues. Flashback in BIOS 1 would not allow me to revert to 1902 saying the file was bad. Forced the issue with the Flashback USB port and the Flashback button. Back to 1902 on BIOS 1. Above issues are gone. Also... My i9 7900X is running about 4~5*C cooler on 1902 vs 3501 for whatever reason. Sticking to 1902, they work.
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