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    GT AC5300 keeps losing it's settings

    I have an ROG GT-AC5300 that I purchased in 2017. In the last month, it has just lost all of it's settings at least five times. It looks like it does when you do a hard reset. EVERYTHING is just gone. It would not be that bad once but with two other routers as AiMesh clients, it means resetting them too. Once in a while, no big deal but it is becoming more frequent. It's 4 years old running 24/7 so while I'm not overjoyed, I am also not terribly upset.

    Looking at RT-AX89X as replacement. Before spending $400, any suggestions? I have done a complete reset several times. It works for a while & then loses everything again.

    Also, any feedback on the AX89X? Stable? Good?

    Honestly, right now I really can't afford this but if I can spend $400 and stop the frustration, well, I'm all in!

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