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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkmar View Post
    The short answer is "No".

    Detailed answer:
    Aura creator just editor for profiles (i.e create list of instructions, nothing more). For controlling rgb you must have lighting service+HALs. And only aura sync/armoury crate (AC) install this service and additional content. And we have some problems:
    • AC are still in beta and every update can break everything. Also AC lack some features that were in aura sync
    • Asus drops aura sync support

    Also, iCue utilize asus aura sdk, so you must to install aura sync/AC to use asus plugin. But aura sync can have old vga HAL, so your vga aRGB can work wrong. And, as I hear, corsair drops asus plugin support.

    So you have 4 options:
    1) Use AC
    2) Use iCue with AC/aura sync without guarantee of work
    3) Use OpenRGB (but this program use reverse engineering protocol so use it at your own risk)
    4) Use any program that utilize asus aura sdk (you still need aura sync or AC on your PC). I can advise Artemis RGB, but it has some problem with asus (fix still on testing, if you want to use Artemis - just pm me or connect to artemis discord server).

    The answer I was looking for. Thank you, crystal clear.
    Now I might really begin a new translation to another brand for my next build... I love all of the ROG stuff but software wise, its a nightmare. Its just a big mess. Everything seems always in alpha phase bloated with broken stuff and services.... Yeah, I am really looking elsewhere.

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