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    High temps 54 C idle Ryzen 9 5950x with Asus Ryujin 240 cooler.

    This CPU 5950x is installed on ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark hero with an Asus Ryujin 240mm AIO but the temps seem odd.
    while idle it's mostly above 50 C and on gaming, it reaches between 70 even near 80 in some cases.
    Is this such a bad cooler? Have I wasted my money on ASUS AIO ? should have gone with an Air cooler and would have achieved better temps than Ryujin 240.
    is it a faulty piece or maybe I am doing something wrong? any suggestions?

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    Hi, for that CPU I think you should've picked the 360.

    Temperatures are quite dependent of many variables, such as, room temperature, your case, what kind of airflow, fan placement, overclocking, undervolting, is it dusty and even computer placement.

    I have the Ryujin on a Ryzen 7 2700X and I was going to buy the 360 but the 240 actually surprised me a lot. It never goes over 55ºC while youtubing and that's with the radiator fans mostly off great part of the time.

    While editing/rendering videos on Davinci Resolve, it went from peaks 81ºC to Peaks 61ºC

    For comparison, the Wraith Cooler (Its a cooler master) is not that bad and I used a quiet fan profile (1200rpm) and it was pretty good while gaming, averaging under 65ºC but the Ryujin is amazing mainly because of the Noctuas, they are really quiet.

    - Keep and eye for fan placement, don't create air turbulence inside, advice, 2x 140mm or 3x 120mm intake on front 1x 120mm out and adjust rpm for positive pressure (more air intake). Mount the radiator on top. (exhaust)
    - Heat always rises, don't put the computer under your table.
    - If your room is like mine, always above 23ºC, use a house fan to extract hot air out of the room, or if possible, HVAC is better.
    - Better fans, I'm not much into most brands, I tested some like Zalman, Thermaltake, NZXT, Phanteks, CoolerMaster but the best of the best is still Corsair, Be Quiet and Noctua.
    - Clean your computer often, dust starts accumulating on the fans real quickly and worsen the performance. Twice a month is a good mark, use a air duster.
    - Undervolt by offset in BIOS or sacrifice/disable PBO if you want, but I didn't do that. You can also undervolt GPU to contribute to less heat in the system.
    - If your case is not airflow friendly (like glass front), well not much to do there but an airflow friendly case does the most.

    NOTE: Check your fan profiles on Armoury Crate, create a custom one with the radiator fans always above 40% or they will stop spinning.


    = undervolting tips =

    = opolar air duster =
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