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    ROG phone 3 - feedback of a year of use

    Hi All !
    I wanted to feedback my experience of the ROG Phone 3 after almost a year of use, in hope it would help improving future models.
    There are tons of reviews for ROG phones tech or camera specs over the web already, so I'll focus on my daily usage experience of the device.

    Phone model: ROG phone 3, 512GB, 16GB RAM, Android 11
    Place of purchase: Taiwan, Asus official store in Taichung
    Usage: Gaming, social medias, web/videos browsing, light document editing
    Other mobile device in use : Iphone X, Samsung S7

    1. Mobile handling (-)
    The ROG is pretty big and heavy. With accessories even more. One-hand usage is difficult and even with one-hand function (similar to Iphone), especially for small hands.
    When gaming for few hours, my hands will get sore because of the weight. Could add Kunai accessories for better handling, but it would also make the device heavier and it'd be more difficult to reach the center of the screen.
    Volume and lock buttons are on the same side, so it need it get used to it, specially for screenshots, but fortunately, you can also long-press the on-screen (square) button for it.
    Also, the side connectors rubber cap would never come out when wanted, but always fall off when not wanted... I've lost so many caps, that I'm using a third party case for better protection. So big minus for it.

    2. Touch screen (~)
    The touch screen is very sensitive and mostly accurate. Mostly accurate because of the edges. While I've no problem at all on the overall all screen, touch accuracy on the edges is pretty bad and results in an annoying experience.
    A big part of may be the screen protection glass, but no matter if you buy it from the official store or third party, the issue is the same.
    For example, if I'm browsing videos on FB for example, it'd be impossible to rewind videos back to the very beginning, as the touch want reach the edge. Or if I use the device one-handed, because it is big and heavy, I'd grab the phone with my fingers sticking on both sides of the mobile, the screen would sometimes detect it and would result in unwanted touch. For comparison, I do not have this issue on my Iphone 11 or older Samsung S7.
    Removing it might sort a part of the issue, but I do not want to leave the screen of such expensive device unprotected. So even, if the touch screen is awesome with great accuracy, amazing response time and sensitivity, the overall experience doesn't feels so good because of the edges.

    3. Screen (+)
    Screen resolution and refresh rate just are awesome. Never had such smooth gaming experience on mobile before. If any downside, it might be brightness in low light environment. Screen brightness is blasting even on minimum, and many times i'd wake up in a dark room, quick-check my phone and regret this instant. For comparison, minimum brightness on the ROG 3 would be about 15% brightness on my Iphone 11. But on the up side, I still can see my screen outside on a sunny day.

    4. Speakers/sound (-)
    Stereo sound is great in gaming, but most of the time, it wouldn't make much difference.
    The general output volume is weak. Outdoor, I can hardly hear my phone even at max volume, and many times, I'd just call back once I find a less noisy place. Again, compared to my Iphone11 at max volume, I'd said there might have a good 3dB difference, as the sound I get feels twice as loud. I'd use earphones, but oops, there's no jack, I need ASUS USB-C to jack adapter. Yes, ASUS adapter only, as I believe there's some kind of noise cancelling function. I tried many third party adapter, but it would always results in poor sound quality and lots of crunch. Hopefully, all future device would always have native jack port.

    5. Cooling (-)
    The external cooling fan was a big reason for me to try ROG phone. I always mount the fan over the ROG protection case. Not sure if it's me or the overclocking, but the phone feels hotter mounted with fan, than without. I also feel like the phone is hotter if hold vertically when mounted, not sure if it affects the cooling.
    The mounted cooling fan is actually not great. Airflow seems weak, but also once mounted, I rather not put the phone flat either on its back or screen side. Putting the phone on the fan with phone unlocked, would block the air inlet making the phone go hot. Putting the phone on the screen side with the fan mounted could damage the screen protection glass, because of the fan fixation hook. I've actually damaged my first screen glass because of it two weeks after purchase (see pictures) and the staff at the store who sold me my phone and mounted the glass basically wouldn't believe me, and told me to pis* off as I was the first and only one to ever feedback this issue and accessories (glass) is not included in the warranty anyway.
    The fan mount can also serve as a horizontal stand, but I wish it could also stand vertically. Also, as the fan is quite battery consuming, I usually keep it charging. So if I'm using and want to put down the phone, I'd need to remove the charging cable or mount everytime, or use the phone prt instead, which is not great to grab the device. If only jack and USB port could be on the sides of the stand instead...
    Overall, I'm not convinced of the fan cooling capabilities on the phone, or maybe overclocking when mounted is the reason, but at least it cools my hands when playing.

    6. Browsing (+)
    For the few months of use, I would often get screen freeze scrolling down pages, either in Google browser, news feed, FB. The problem seemed to have been solved by the few previous system updates which is great.
    Now, I can browsing as much as I want, open hundreds of tabs, and navigation would still be good. Good job.

    7. Gaming (+++)
    Did I said it before ? I've never had such smooth mobile gaming experience before.
    In-game functions like no phone calls/data only when gaming was something something I was dreaming about. Now I won't ever be disturbed while playing if I don't want to. The mobile data/wifi optimization is cool too. If one network fails, it would revert to the other. Might have some lag, but I won't be disconnected for too long. There's also game optimization (depending on games), and so far, the only time I got system slow down in-game, was because I was messing up with the X-mode. But even without it, games run smooth anyway. For comparison, my Iphone11 cannot run games as fast or at same settings as the ROG phone 3, no contest.
    At last air triggers should be great for platform games, yet I still need to figure out how to set them up.

    In the end, even with its flaws and a lot of room for improvement, I knew I bought this ROG 3 for gaming, and it gets the job done. I'm looking forward for future models, yet competition looks tough for the next few years.

    If other ROG phone users encountered same or different issues, or get better features with other models, I'd love to hear it !
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    I think that I may grab a RoG phone next as they are now cheaper than Xperia phones.

    I daily run a Xperia XZ2 and its outrageous to see that the current flagship model is twice the cost that I payed for. Even the Xperia 5 is over 1k €
    I can get the RoG phone 5 under that with better specs.

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