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    I've had a few - interesting - private conversations with Blake@ROG on this topic.

    First, he made a video:

    This video shows the exact issue I am talking about, check minute 6 and second 56 (or just the seventh minute precisely). The driver extraction fails and creates just two files. However, according to Blake@ROG, this extraction is to be considered successful. He actually wrote in a private message:

    "...It is exactly the same thing I thought that you might misunderstood..."

    To clarify that I am not misunderstanding anything, I made and shared my own video:

    This super short video proves my point, but it has been ignored entirely.

    I am having a hard time understanding why ASUS refuse to acknowledge they have a serious issue with their extraction process. I have actually done all the hard work for them and found what probably is the main reason behind the failure of Armoury Crate installations.

    Far from a thank you or similar, ASUS are insisting that this is not the issue, and that their software is fine. Great, continue ruining the experience for all your customers worldwide with your obstinacy. Fine, if you will not be supporting your products that is your business.

    However, I would like to repeat my request for a refund of my hardware.

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