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    Hi Starrain, this is not an OS problem, I've reinstalled several times windows and tried all the software possibilities. I've also spent days looking for solutions on Internet and tried everything possible.

    As I said earlier - and this is the technical advice I've asked - is "How can I up the voltage of my device".

    After trying everything, as I've wrote it in this very post, I've deduced that the BSOD are hapenning because of a too low voltage. That's why BSOD are not happening when in turbo mode. What I think is that the SSD disk stop at too low voltage and cause BSOD. So I ask again :

    How can I up the voltage of my device to have a working 3000$ laptop ?

    At that price I was expecting a serious help from the Asus staff, not basics "update drivers and windows".

    As I said, I live in the middle of Pacific Ocean, your "local service" is at minimum 6000km. I can't afford to send the laptop back and loose 3 month for an OS reinstall that I've already did when I paid a so expensive machine.

    If Asus staff can't give me an answer I'll try in other internet forums. I try to keep my calm but that's not easy.

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    Hi Petranera,

    I'm sorry I know sending the device to our service center would be hard for your location, but bsod might also hardware related.
    Although there is setting to up the voltage in bios, that might make the device unstable.
    If you don’t want to send the device for further examination in our service center, as you mentioned, I think selecting turbo mode would be safer than bios settings adjusting.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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