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    GL504GM can't control fan speed

    Hi folks, I have a GL504GM (i7 8750H, GTX1060 model.)

    Its fans have been spinning rather slowly these past few months, or maybe a year now. After searching a bit here and other places too, it seems that most people have the complete opposite problem, that is their fans are too loud/locked at max speed, so I thought I'll start a new thread. Man I'd love it if my fans are locked at max speed compared to this lol.

    So my problem is, I can't really change my fans' speed. They seem to spin at the same speed regardless of the fan settings (silent/balanced/overboost), and they spin slowly. The result is quite obvious, I easily reach 85°+ temps whenever I play moderately demanding games. It even sits at 50-60° while idling. Cycling through the modes to "refresh" the overboost ramps up the fans a tiny bit then they slow down again immediately.

    I've undervolted as well, my stable spot is only around -100 mV. I even disabled turboboost, with turboboost on my temps reach 90° easily. I use the 311 bios because, well, I can't use throttlestop on 312.

    Things I've done:

    - Using different bios versions (307, 309, 310, 311)
    - Undervolting both the cpu and gpu, disabling turboboost
    - Repasting
    - Cleaning the fans
    - Using different ROG gaming center versions, armoury crate too
    - Raising the back of the laptop
    - Using a cooling pad (that actually made the temps worse)
    - Setting the max processor state in windows to 95-99%
    - Setting the cooling policy in windows to active/passive, it made no difference
    - Some other things I forgot, will edit the post maybe

    Things I haven't done:

    - Factory reset
    - Reinstall fresh windows
    - Update windows to the latest version (I'm using 20h1)
    - Replace the actual fans, or bring it to an asus service center to have the fans replaced

    This laptop is 3 years old. The fans used to work well and the different fan speed modes were working too. Are my fans faulty/worn out and need to be changed? Or maybe my windows installation is too cluttered now that it messes up the fan control?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi there,
    Please kindly send your device to our service center for further examination.
    I think the point would be the fan not speeding up in performance and turbo mode and then the temperature would rise.
    It would be helpful if you can record a short video of this matter for the engineers to check on it.
    Thank you.

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