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    PSA For Aura Sync/Creator/Armoury Crate with Adaptive setting

    If you, like me, got really excited about the idea of the adaptive lighting effect for on screen effects with your gear and imagined having say your keyboard sync with music effects and individual strips sync with parts of your screen after playing around with Armoury Crate, maybe I can save you some time and a whole lot of money. Don't be a Me and do something stupid like purchase the horrid Spatha X (the most expensive and terrible mouse I have ever owned) or any other Asus products for that matter if your primary reason for purchasing them is Aura Sync. First of all the lighting effects are bare bones at best and the software, as you probably read, is broken beyond imagination. Instead take the plunge and buy a Philips Hue Hub and a couple of their light strips/bulbs. It has screen and music syncing capabilities that are far more advanced then anything Asus could hope to create, is controlled with a lightweight and easy to use windows app for the adaptive effects, and most importantly actually works. Why and how a company that specializes in creating lightbulbs is 1000 times better at writing software then a company whos primary products revolves around its software is beyond me but it is. It's not even that the Philips Hue App is all that great, Asus is just all that bad. I'm not saying this to be mean to Asus, I love their hardware (mostly), but they beyond dropped the ball with their RGB. Go with literally anything else, but I'm just here to tell you Hue is a great choice if you are primarily wanting the adaptive setting for music or video, or even both at the same time because Philips isn't totally incompetent when it comes to writing a simple line of code. It even works with wireless display settings like chromecast. And naturally you can also set up static and other effects with the hue phone app, which has far more choices then Armoury Crate. I just got lucky that I happened to purchase a Hue Bridge imagining I would be using it with Aura Sync to create cool music and game effects throughout my house if I wanted. Which I can, only with just the Philips Hue stuff because Aura Sync unsurprisingly can only sync FOUR settings with the Hue bridge, one of which is freaking OFF (static, breathing, strobe). Man Asus, thank you for the wonderful motherboard, but I hate you so much.
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