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    Armoury Crate does not switch back to default scenario profile when exiting game

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    I have a default profile set up on my Spatha X which has tilde on the top thumb button.
    When I enter League of legends, I have a scenario that detects League and switches that button to Alt. That works well.
    However, when I exit league, the scenario profile doesn't change back to the default one. It remains on the League one.
    Even more annoying is that if I switch back using the profile switch button combination on the Spatha X, it loses the Aura Sync and switches back to a default LED setting (red in this case).

    This is obviously a bug.

    I am using Aura Sync on top of the scenario profiles. Could this be the issue? I don't think that's too likely since it is able to switch to the League scenario seamlessly, it just doesn't switch back somehow. And manually switching between Spatha profiles doesn't remove the Aura Sync either. Only this bug does that.

    I'd be happy to do a discord video chat showing the problem if it isn't clear, with any support rep who is here to assist.

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