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    Another FA506QR flaw.

    Even after the odd AC update, the fan profiles still aren't better and I still don't get to adjust the curves.
    No BIOS updates to allow the iGPU a proper allocation of RAM...

    Now for the latest issue I have run into, RAM itself. On the Tuf machines you block XMP completely and even block plug and play ram tuning too. So there is bugger all point in upgrading the RAM on the machine. All the high performance SODIMMs either PnP tune to the best your system can have, or require you to have XMP enabled to 3200mhz and good timings. What does my machine have? Neither. So if I use Hyper x RAM, I get 2666mhz at best and reasonable timings. No full fat 3200mhz, no tuning or even self tuning.

    Once again your 1500 machine is a sodding joke. I am about ready to return this machine because it is beyond a joke now.
    Well, I would return it if not for having it beyond the returns period.
    Once again, your poor excuse for a BIOS on this machine holds it back once again.
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    Hello Ragnaraz690,
    Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.
    I have reported to related department for suggestions of future adjustment.

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