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    [SOLVED] GL503GE BIOS version 317 downgrade

    Dear Fellas!

    I am writing this post, because I am for now quite desperate about downgrading a GL503GE's BIOS from 319 to 317 version, but I haven't found the 317 version anywhere.
    The laptop's performance and temperatures are really need ThrottleStop, but I just can't apply it.

    Please if Anybody has the GL503GE BIOS 317 flashable version share it with Us!

    Thank You in advance!
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    Cool Solution

    Hi Folks!

    I am writing this post to Everyone Who is in the same shoe.

    After long searching hours I have just gave up finding the 317 BIOS version and than found 316, which is also great!
    After flashing the BIOS with Winflash, now I can use ThrottleStop finally and the laptops temperatures are normal again!


    1. Download the BIOS 316 version file
    2. Download and Install the Winflash utility
    3. Open CMD with Administrator privileges and type in Windlash's root folder path with cd command (without he commas " "), then hit ENTER.
      "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\WinFlash"
    4. Type in "Winflash /nodate", then the click through the panels until You can choose the desired bios version file to flash.
    5. After everything has finished, go to the Windows Device Manager and disable the device called System Firmware under Firmware tab. For Me it was hidden, enable hidden devices in the Manager.
    6. Download and Install ThrottleStop. Enjoy!

    How to use WinFlash:
    How to setup ThrottleStop for a i7-8750H:

    Wish You luck and light up the performance!
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