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    ROG STRIX II GL704GM Fan not spinning

    Hello! I've been wondering if anybody could please assist me.

    I've recently replaced CPU and GPU fans and thermal paste in my GL704GM (Past Warranty Period!). Mind you, the old ones were spinning all right they were just old and dusty.
    Suddenly and very much out of nowhere, when I booted up the computer with new fans, Armoury Crate started showing 0RPM on my CPU fan while GPU was fine.
    Bios on the other hand is showing me 0RPM on CPU and doesn't show the GPU fan at all.

    Here are the steps I took to make sure it's not software:
    -I wiped my computer and did a clean install of Windows 10.
    -I've reset my BIOS by taking out the BIOS battery for few minutes.
    -I reinstalled the drivers and did a Windows update.
    -I tried putting the old fans back in.

    No luck. Could anybody please point to what could the issue be? I was quite gentle with the cables and it wasn't the first time I've replaced laptop fans... I really do hope it's not the motherboard! Can somebody please tell me how to rule the motherboard fault out and also - what else I could check for to troubleshoot this?

    Thank you in advance!

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