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    Asus Rog Strix x570 E Freeze Problem

    I assembled the computer in December 2020 without encountering any problems. This until two months ago, when the PC started to have some freezes (I don't remember if after some drive or Bios update)

    Symptoms: It happens more often when I'm not using the PC, or when I use google chrome, but it also happened during gaming. The PC freezes. The keyboard, mouse and microphone turn off (if I press a key on them they turn on again, but they do not give input) the monitor remains frozen on the image. If I press or hold down the computer's shutdown key, nothing happens. I can only restart it by removing power from the power supply. During this freeze on the motherboard the Qcode remains 00 and the DRAM LED remains illuminated in yellow. When I restart everything goes back to normal.

    What I tried:
    the only error reported after reboot is windows kernel 41 generic.
    no DUMP file is created

    I updated all the drivers on the system to no avail
    i replaced the ram, to no avail.
    i reset the cmos to no avail.
    I have tried all the versions of the bios from 3000 to 4021 to no avail (now I'm stopped at 4021);
    i disabled C state, tried putting power supply idle, enabled or disabled DOCP to no avail.
    I did stress test of each component, ram, cpu, gpu, memories, without finding any errors (I used aida64, memtest)
    I have tried disabling the TPM to no avail.

    if you have other evidence for me to do I gladly accept them .. I really can not understand where the problem may be. Sry for my bad english

    EDIT: today i have replace my AMD Chipset Driver V2.11.26.106 (download from asus motherboard site) with AMD Chipset Driver (download from AMD drivers & support for x570 motherboard), another one crash..

    EDIT2: i have try clear cmos, reinstall last bios version, and move ram from a2 b2 at a1 b1 without DOCP... this is last test i think

    My build:
    Windows 10
    PSU: rog thor
    MOBO: asus rog strix x570 E
    CPU: Ryze 9 5900x
    GPU: gigabyte 3080ti
    RAM: gskill 3600 cl17 (and now corsair 3200 cl16)
    SSD: samsung 970evo nvme
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