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    And the thread can be closed .. just got a call from my test senter / retailer that confirmed that the motherboard is defekt and no ram works in all 8 slots ... CPU testet fine .. i am getting a new motherboard in 2 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Int8bldr View Post

    It could be the right side RAM banks.

    A known problem with some Rampage 6 Extreme (not the encore) boards is that the moment you put any ram stick to the right of the CPU you get random lock ups.

    The solution is to ONLY populate the LEFT side memory slots (i.e. left of the CPU) and NOT to put any RAM modules on the right side.

    I and many others had this symptoms and eventually discovered this root cause. It was an extremely difficult root cause to find, because the lock ups are so random and just happens at any time uncorrelated to anything (at idle, at load, could take a week or an hour in-between lock ups...) - extremely frustrating - but the solution is nothing to the right of the CPU.

    I should have RMA-d my board but by the time I found the root cause it was too late...

    I Want to say thank you for your post. I know it is an older thread, but I built my system a few years ago and gave it to my daughter. Random crashes have increased drastically over the years. Last week I even disassembled the entire thing, cleaned both loops and reassembled. Still crashed, I found your post, removed the ram from the right side, my daughter streamed last night for 4 hours with 0 crashes. Was crashing randomly every 30 minutes to an hour before. The PC I built.

    Thanks again,
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