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    GT-AX11000 mesh network, varying speed issue.

    If this has been asked, I apologize.

    I have a mesh network with th GT-AX11000 as the main router. It’s in my office, main floor. I have a mesh node on the same floor(main), one mesh node upstairs(2nd floor) and one mesh node in the basement. All the nodes are the same AX tri band nodes connected via 5ghz backhaul.

    The issue I’m having is I’m getting consistently about 25Mb speed on my main floor, but about 400Mb speed upstairs and in the basement. I have 800Mb service. I’m wondering if there is some issue having the main router and a node on the same floor, causing the speed decrease? One thought I had was the auto switching feature.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.*

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