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    New ASUS Rog strix g15 g513qy random reboots problem - idle and after closing a game

    Rog strix g15 g513qy advantage edition - random reboot problem -- I have brand new unit, arrived Sept 24, and I had random reboots in:

    1. Idle / low workload
    2. After gaming, once game closed, shortly after random self restart

    Done complete windows 10 reinstall, installed ASUS certified by microsoft drivers for AMD/GPU, 2 days lasted until I had short battlefiled session, after closing BF, laptop rebooted itself.

    Similar issues as reported by many users, in this thread and other threads:

    Just example of some I found in google, probably many more people out there with this issue.

    Now here interesting twitter discussion with hardware engineer:

    @blake@ASUS would appreciate your attention, lets get it fixed please for me and many other users.

    P.S. To exclude defective RAM, I even bought new RAM, and it didn't solve anything, I tried different AMD/ASUS driver versions for GPUs, nothing, helps, in best case, you would not see reboots for few days and then it comes back.

    Thank you!

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    Hi there,
    This post is closed due to duplication.
    The discussion of this issue will be continued in below thread.
    Thank you.

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