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    I've owned a lot of Asus laptops and my chief complaint is that the power cord usually, over time, loosens the jack, which ends up shorting out the motherboard. In every single laptop I've owned I have had to have the jack fixed multiple times, and anything that relates to this situation. It's usually months before this happens (like 6 or so), however, this particular laptop (ROG Strix G513QY G15 Advantage) seems to have this beat. And obviously this isn't a good thing. I have to use my laptop unplugged most of the time in order to actually use my laptop functionally. I've had it now a bit less than 3 months and probably a month ago maybe a little longer, I started having issues with the jack. If I move my laptop, it flip flops between battery and plugged in, which freezes everything up. I also had a BSOD within a couple of weeks owning it, and it went into a BSOD loop, though I managed to fix it. I wanted this laptop to be my unicorn...the one that I had no issues with, or fewer, as I owned another brand just before this one (not for was junk) and had so many issues that I ran gleefully back to ASUS (which usually last me 2-3 years vs only 1 which is what the other brand was doing (they ended up scrapping it because it was so bad...I talk about the other just to it's understood that Asus is definitely better). The location on the back of this G513QY was, I THOUGHT going to be amazing...but it's horrible. The weight of the cord pulling, very quickly has caused problems. I tried to remedy this by using velcro to secure it into place but it wasn't this is where the heat vent is. So the sticky backing just melted and slid from the weight of the cord. I would love, for once, a computer that had a niche or cord grip that would help hold the cord in place so as to take pressure off of the jack. I need this laptop for school, and I'll keep using it until near Christmas, when I have a break...then I'll send it in for repairs because I CAN'T be without my laptop for long (college classes...I'm a mom of 3, going back to get a new degree, so this is very important to me). Where I sit usually, the plug would be off to the left of me. I am looking for ideas on how to prevent this from happening again in the future, other than never using the laptop plugged in (which is my current plan). I don't know if the motherboard is soldered to the jack for this one (as some have been in the past), and I desperately hope not, since it usually causes so many issues for me. So my feedback about this laptop is 1) Never solder the motherboard to the jack, and 2) create a way to secure the cord to the side of the laptop so it takes the weight off of the jack to prevent it from becoming loose in the first place.

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    btw you can join discord with other AE owners if you need to ask some questions about other guys experience

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