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    Manual RAM tweaking?

    Serious question instead of just flaming your poor effort with this laptop.
    I recently attempted to use Thaiphoon Burner to adjust timings on my RAM since you guys bottleneck speeds via BIOS.
    Speaking of which, do you plan on actually relaxing the BIOS at all?
    Anyway, you have even made it so 3rd party software can't even adjust ram timing via SPD values.
    I have seen people on the previous A15 use Thaiphoon to reflash RAM to XMP timings as a JEDEC and have success upgrading their RAM.
    Why have you locked this one down so tight I can't even do it myself?!
    I literally cannot do anything with this laptop.
    Something that should be plug and play like RAM. I can neither use XMP or the AMD equal to buy laptop gaming RAM for a boost, then insult to injury I can't even pay for software to be able to buy that RAM and adjust the timings myself.

    The actual question I am asking is can this machine use tighter timings?
    I would happily reflash the RAM elsewhere and then drop them in this machine or have you gone so far as to make it so anything but CL22 wont work?

    If you cannot answer me this question give me the email address of someone who can cause quite frankly I thought this machine couldn't possibly have any more limits placed on it than previously discovered... but here I am... again with another issue from the BIOS being ridiculously restrictive. I just want to optimise my machine for gaming damn it.

    EDIT: I realise some may be sat thinking "but if you do that, it would likely get hotter, and in a laptop that's bad". I would agree with you if not for any decent RAM like that has proper heat spreaders on them and I also have opened up some of the vents properly underneath the laptop and it is sat on a custom cooling tray with 2 120mm high pressure fans pushing air through the chassis. So actually having good RAM/ timings wouldn't worry me in the heat department.
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    Hello Ragnaraz690,
    Thank you for the feedback.
    Please kindly understand that it would require long discussion and many testing to confirm if an option should be opened in BIOS.
    We will report to related department but there is no confirmation on this.

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