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    Quote Originally Posted by iBruceypoo View Post
    Thanks Silent Scone - these Gskill 5333Mhz mem kits are sweet as honey. But for some odd reason they almost feel like a well kept secret - nobody knows about them?

    OR that they are 5600 and 5866 (6133) capable? Just seems very strange that all of the tech reviewers and tech news are staying so quiet about these kits. You'd think Der8auer or one of the YouTube overclockers would feature a video and spread the good word. Yea, I know DDR5 is almost here but it's still such a mystery.

    The tech media isn't well known for covering overclocking well or in fact at all in most spaces, so when it comes to halo kits such as these there won't be much coverage. Roman is the only one that springs to mind that would be capable of covering memory in this way and these kits won't be sold in any real quantity. The boards and having a CPU that can achieve these things unconditionally makes it more of a niche, too. A really impressive one, though

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