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    Dancing with Windows 11

    Hi, just thought I'd drop this by as info for anyone else thinking of making the switch. May not apply to anyone else, maybe some fixes I don't know about yet but thought it maybe useful.

    I've been moonlighting with Windows 11 this past week, and think I'm going to have to go back to 10 😦 Really didn't want to update this early - but had a continuous issue with Windows 10 and search bugging out on my user accounts, but eventually not and stopping any UWP apps from working). Tried several fixes rebuilding the search index, workarounds, powershell commands uninstalling cortana etc. Sometimes works but eventually not

    So think I'm going back to Windows 10

    Really like most of what is new or updated in 11 but it just feels too early for me. Issues I've had so far.

    1. Not enough driver support. My motherboard (Crosshair Hero VIII) only has the Chipset driver listed for 11, nothing for USB, Sound, LAN etc so relying on what Windows provided. Know its still early on, but not ideal. Not sure if any of the 10 drivers work, but not knowing would rather stick with whats on the page.

    2. The AMD issue. I'm on a 5900x - haven't noticed anything particular in speed drops but then my 10 installation was bloated. I know a fix is coming, but who knows what other issues that may bring too.

    3. Random Freezes. Happened about 3 times over the past week (Mostly when using Photoshop - so could be PS related). Cursor starts going slow, apps wont respond, CPU usage still reported as low, but opening task manager brings things to a crawl and impossible to even close down the app so have to hit the restart button. Also ends up destroying whatever PSD I'm working on at the time.

    4. Arctis 9 has been playing up when switching user accounts. Could be USB related and the drivers as the receiver sometimes stops working as well and have to replug it in. Same with my Claymore keyboard - thought this was the same on Windows 10 and RGB cuts out randomly (USB power maybe? - plugging it back in or hitting the FN profile keys usually fixes)

    5. Videos playback or recording not working properly. Only tried with Shadowplay, but if I record any footage on playback (either in the Videos App or VLC) it plays about half of it and the second half is frozen - weirdly sometimes just showing the cursor moving but nothing on desktop (only tried desktop recording so far, so maybe fine in games).

    6. Adobe CC support. Only Photoshop is currently supported in 11 rest still awaiting updates.

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