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    Exclamation [HELP] B450-F Gaming II does not boot, no error lights, no screen... (Crypto mining)


    I just installed my B450-F Gaming II successfully. I managed to install W10 and update the bios, etc.

    After a restart, the mobo isn't responding anymore?
    What happens when powering up:
    - Usual booting. Error-Indicating LED's show up as usual.
    - Then, all 4 LED's turn off, indicating there is NO error...
    And, worst of all. No screen output.

    Things i've tried:
    - I've tried IGPU and EGPU as screen output, but nope. I've even removed my GPU.
    - Used a Jumper for BIOS-Reset. But that did not help.
    - I removed the CMOS-Battery for a couple of seconds (15). Bot nope.
    - Currently Re-flashing the mobo via the FlashBack button, this helped. It resetted the bios. But, it's a temporary fix.

    When connecting my RX580 through a PCI-E 1x Riser. (Which worked before!), it goes into mad-lad mode.
    I'm not sure why it stops working afterwards. In the Motherboards BIOS-Settings i disabled External GPU Screen-output, so it uses my AMD 3000G's iGPU, for screen output.

    This is what i want:
    Connect a total of 3 RX580's through 3 PCI-E 1x risers.

    Update [19-10-2021 16:12 GMT+1]:
    Reflashed BIOS Again. Managed to connect 2 RX580's to PCI-E 1x via BUS 1 and BUS 3. When i connected the 3rd RX580 to BUS 5 (the third PCI-E 1x slot), it broke down again to the endless No-LED's and no screen.
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    The B450 F Chipset supports everything X470 does with one exception, CPU PCIe lane bifurcation. In English, that means the 16 PCIe lanes to your graphics card from the CPU can only be to a single x16 slot. X470 boards allow this to be split into two PCIe x8 for SLI and Crossfire support. So with this limitation, No you cannot run more then 1 gpu at a time, it doesnt have the option to split out those lanes to allow more than 1 gpu. I know your manual says it supports crossfire but it doesn't.

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