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    Angry Asus failed me as a company

    let me start off by saying i have been a brand loyal customer for about 15+ years with ASUS products.
    Every build in the last 10 years has revolved around rog, strix, and tuf products, from the motherboard to the video cards, right down to the rgb lighting.
    and now i have finally been caught in the worst scenario possible since starting building computers back in 1993.

    (sorry this may be long)

    i purchased an ASUS glacial z590 motherboard, to replace my old rampage vi extreme in my custom watercooled loop.
    the board would not post, on september 10th i contacted asus support and spent about 30 minutes trying various things from pulling memory sticks, to bios flashback to get the board to respond, and finally the rep said to just RMA the board and they will get it right and send it back in 10 days.

    i agreed, paid the $60 for an ASUS packaging RMA label, and took the motherboard over to FEDEX to ship that day. The fedex employee wrapped and boxed and then shipped the package to the RMA center, i did not have anything to do with packaging, all i did was hand the employee the board and he scanned my barcode i got emailed from asus for the label.

    3 days later the board was signed for by the RMA center, and i started to get excited that i would have this back soon. a week later i received a letter from ASUS saying the package was damaged in shipping, the corner of the board was crushed and cpu pins damaged. pictures were sent to me by the technician working on the board.

    ASUS then sent me a repair invoice for $1587.91 to repair the board. (this is where the story gets incredibly upsetting) the board RETAIL costs $1499 without tax, which includes all the peripheral components, the ekwb monoblock, all the accessories... and they want to charge me the full cost to replace ONLY my motherboard, with a refurbished board.

    i said this was unacceptable, contacted the CiD department, they stated it was fedex fault and filed a claim to recover the damages and replace the board.
    i was then informed by FEDEX that the claim was denied because ASUS signed for the package without noting the shipping damages. now i am fully on ASUS's side at this point still because we all know FEDEX damaged the motherboard in shipping and now is trying to pawn it off on ASUS as their fault.

    Asus response to me is they will go 50/50 on the cost of repair. Now mind you my board is brand new, was not posting out of the box... all i have done thru this entire process is what ASUS has asked me to do. The neglect of the receiving department in the RMA center is not my fault, and i dont feel i should be paying another $750+ on top of the $1500 i already paid to get a working "refurbished" motherboard..

    i deny the $1500 invoice and asus sends me back the broken board... UN-repaired

    so now i sit here stuck, PC is down, staring at a broken board , getting phone calls from ASUS support every other day trying to get me to swallow this $750 repair expense because they want to pass along the neglect that sits squarely on their shoulders onto me...

    i have very few options left that dont go into the realm of legal actions because i refuse to pay retail and a half to get a working board sent to me.

    to say im disappointed with the handling of this whole thing is an understatement, i would have been happier just to power that thing on and enjoy using it.

    what can i do from here...
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    ****Moved to Service Inquiries so this will get reviewed by ASUS staff. Since this is not a discussion section I apologize that a few replies were deleted. If you have advice for OP, please send them a PM. Thank you.****
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    My name is Adrian from the ASUS Customer Loyalty Team here at our NA Corporate Office. If you would allow, I would be more than glad to help provide resolution to this case. Please email me with the below details so I can work with related personnel to get this straightened out.

    Product S/N:
    RMA #:
    Complete Shipping Address:
    Full name:

    My email is

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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