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    CROSSHAIR VII EXTREME keeps shutting down while in BIOS

    Hi there!

    It's about 10 days that I'm trying to build my new rig with the Ryzen 5950x and the brand new Crosshair VIII Extreme: I come from an Intel 7980XE and I build PCs myself since 1995...

    This is my most problematic build ever!

    In brief: the new pc keeps shutting down after few minutes, randomly, even in BIOS (actually, the very first time it happened while I was configuring the Bios...)

    This should exclude any Windows related problem.

    I use an AIO Liquid Cooler by NZXT (Kraken Z63).

    I tried,in order:

    a. to change the CPU (2 different samples of 5950x)
    b. to change the PSU (from an "old" Enermax Platimax 1700W to a brand new Corsair AX1600i)
    c. to reseat the cpu and the thermal paste

    The only things that, at the moment, remain constant are

    The MOBO (a new sample is arriving today)
    The RAM (a DDR4 3200 Corsair Dominator supposedly compatible with X570 but not listed on the ASUS Mobo QVL)
    The VGA (a quite new ROG STRIX 3080 Ti)

    What I noticed is:

    a. The Ram voltage in bios is always under the specified value, ie if manually set to 1.35 (as per XMP profile) it's actually at 1.32; if manually set to 1.37, it stays at 1.35
    b. The CPU temperatures: under load the CPU is extremely well controlled, 65°C while in AIDA64 Stress Test or Cinebench or Prime95;
    c. The X570 temperature: I noticed, starting the pc from a cold boot and going into the bios, that the chipset X570 temp raises slowly to over 60°C, after that the pc shuts down, and keeps shutting down until I unplug the power cord or I let the pc cool down

    What could possibily be the problem ?

    If the new MOBO sample will present the same behaviour, should I blame the RAM or the VGA (both were perfectly working with my previous Intel rig ) ?

    Why the strange behaviour of the RAM voltage ?

    Suggestions ?

    Thank you very much
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