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    Laptop G713QR issue


    Is your bios version 327? =>> yes it is

    For iGPU, is there GPU power saving option in Armoury Crate > device page? =>> I can't seem to be able to turn anything off, I only got three options, from left to right : default, power saving and optimized

    Do you get artifacts and the game crash when use Directx12? in DC mode or AC mode? =>> I get artifacts and game crash when use Directx12 both in DC mode and AC mode. I used to play with Directx12 since I bought the laptop and it was fine, but the issues appeared all of a sudden some weeks ago. When I play some of those games now with DirectX11, everything is fine, but I can't use it on all my games

    Do artifacts appear on the main menu and in Final Fantasy VII Remake game all the time or random? =>> answer is all the time, except if I force the use of DirectX11 which makes the game playable again. I played that game for weeks before the issues appeared without any problem (got to the 4th chapter)

    Please uninstall the GPU drivers and install the GPU drivers from our support site.
    - NVIDIA Graphic Driver V30.0.14.9649 and AMD Graphics Driver V27.20.14044.4001(win10 page) =>> just done it again (using Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode), the issue is still there

    Did you receive my PM ?

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