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    New ROGer Array Ultrasonix PC Specs
    Ultrasonix PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage VI Xtream
    Processor7980x at 4.8Ghz
    Graphics Card #1posiden 1080Ti water cooled
    Graphics Card #2posiden 1080ti water cooled
    MonitorAsus 34" ultra wide IPS
    Storage #14TB ssd backup
    Storage #24TB ssd backup games
    CPU CoolerEK water Block
    Casephanteks Ethoo Elite Black
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1500i
    Keyboard Corsair 700
    Mouse Coursair elite x500
    Headset Asus Strix 700
    OS win 10 Pro 64Bit
    Accessory #1 hyper m2 X16 4 with 4 1tb ssd drives
    Accessory #2 IROC Key for Intel SSd drives
    Accessory #3 2 X water cooling loops with 2X 560 coolers 8 fans per cooler

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    Apr 2018

    Strix 690A mobo with 2 3090 cards water cooled neede to know size of space on slot1

    i want to buy a Strix 690 A Mobo i have 2 RTX 3090 FE cards with EKWB water blocks and EKWB water back plates these add 16mm to the back will this card fit into the PCI 1 Slot on the motherboard as there are no dimensions shown in the manual for above the Slot but it does have a M2 card installed who's width is 22mm or so

    can i assume my water cooled 3090 will fit and is the bottom slot 3 or 4 slots away as i have SLI enabled 3090s and link currently installed is for 4 slots

    any please help


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