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    Exclamation PC keeps powering off - thermistor cable not plugged in.

    Hi all trying to isolate an issue with my newly built rig intermittently cuts out (no power down, just power cuts off and the whole PC is dead) and i have to keep restarting it. I am facing unusually high temps considering my cooler, though the iCUE software from Corsair i believe only shows (overall) CPU package temp in the Cappelux coolers.

    The X570-F comes with a thermistor cable that I have no idea which header to plug into. I am presuming into the T-Sensor header? I have also tried plugging it into the "TEMP" header on the command core fan controller both resulted in continual power cut outs, so i have removed it out the equation though my temps are still oddly high when under load. Sometimes it IDLES at around 50C and other times at 35C. Under load (Cinebench) it can go as high as 70C, though as i mentioned these readings are generally taken from iCUE or CoreTemp.

    Thinking about removing Command Core fan hub and plugging all the fans directly into the board and allowing Q-FAN to control though i'm not mad about this as it will make the whole case untidy with wires and kill the ambient case LED lighting (i dont really care about the LEDs they are helpful to see inside the case however).

    Should the thermistor cable be anywhere specific? like i've read at the air intake port is a good place but this obviously has an effect on the fan speeds right?
    Any ideas, thoughful information is very welcome indeed, this has been going on for almost 2 months now and last night i lost hours of work because of the fact.

    Many thanks in advanced.

    My PC Spec:

    Asus X570-F Mobo
    AMD RYSEN 5900X (running at XMP or whatever the new profile is called on amd)
    Corsair H100i Cappelux cooler on the CPU plugged into Command Core fan controller (AIO single blue wire into the CPU_FAN header on the board).
    Asus Founders Edition 1080Ti GTX (stock air cooler)
    Various m.2, HDD and SSD's
    Case Corsair Vengeance C70
    Power Corsair HX1000i
    6 x DC NZXT fans
    2 x PWM fans on the cappelux radiator
    Windows 10 Home

    PS. if anyone knows what the T-Sensor header on my board is used for that would be really helpful. Thanks!
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