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    RT-AX89X issues with Chromecast devices


    In my home i have a number of Google Home Mini's (the v1 model) - basically one in each major room - because it was cheaper to buy them (particularly on sale) than Chromecast Audio + Speakers, and they were an easy solution to be able to cast music to any given room.

    My problem is that i recently upgraded my Router to an ASUS RT-AX89X (we have a TON of devices and upgrading to a 12 stream router has really helped with congestion) from a Netgear Nighthawk (RAX40)....

    And suddenly my Google Home Mini's dont realiably appear as castable devices in any app, including Google Home. My Home Hub (also the original v1) exhibits the exact same behaviour when on the 2.4Ghz band, but since it supports 5ghz, i had it connect to that network and it now always appears - Same with my nVidia Shield TV Pro (2018), the two Chromecast w/Google TVs (Google's new Android TV dongle). Even when the other devices dissappear, these are always available.

    Theyll appear correctly for a few hours after a router reboot/setting change (which soft reboots the WiFi if you change a Wifi only setting), and then.. poof. Gone.

    They still function as Google Home devices - you can still talk to them, use them to control things, ask them questions, etc - so they are obviously still connected to the network and getting an internet connection - but they no longer appear as devices that can be cast to.

    Its honestly been hair-pullingly frustrating since they worked absolutely fine on both the previous router (Nighthawk RAX40) and the one before that (the very first Nighthawk - R7000 or whatever).

    Ive searched and searched but i cant find any settings that seem to alleviate the problem. About a week ago i thought i had it licked with IGMP snooping (defaults to off on the ASUS router for whatever reason) and they stayed visible/castable for the whole week, but when we returned from a brief trip to a cabin (Fri/Sat/Sun) with some friends - on Sunday they were gone again.

    Any help is much appreciated and if thre's any information anyone needs to help figure this out, let me know!

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