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    Do you even take feedback/requests or service seriously?

    This is as much a general question as it is a specific one, because my personal experiences with staff and agents alike is plain laughable.

    I am not the only one to make specific requests about a certain laptop and the BIOS being useless for a lot of things and the fan curves being plain pathetic. The usual response is to claim to forward it to the relevant department and thanks. If you ask for any kind of update, you get ignored, if you ask if anything is in the pipeline, you get ignored. These things are quality of life requests that are real simple to do. Within the first month of the FA506QR being out there were several BIOS changes including adjustments to the fans curves. Of which cannot be controlled any other way because of how you designed it and how you locked anyone out of settings in the BIOS too. That is a main concern considering a flawed cooling solution in the high powered model. bearing in mind I have improved on the machines cooling with my own time and money and shown evidence in threads here. Goes to show even when people present facts and show what needs doing, which is well within your powers, you still cannot be bothered.

    As far as I am aware this model doesn't exist anymore, so if you cannot be bothered to work on making it better with software adjustments, maybe you should stop lying and deflecting and just come out with it. "We're working on it" yeah... right when 6 months later the only update was to VBIOS for resizeable BAR.

    Secondly, I contacted a service representative about a quote for the simple thing of if I wanted a fresh heatsink and factory thermals reapplied. Literally just that, clearly outlined and explained. Though your "service" quotes apparently need to lay hands on my machine and mess around with it so you can charge me, just for a quote? Do you seriously think that is acceptable? Bearing in mind there are threads here of products getting damaged and you basically saying customers should pay for outside negligence even though you accepted damaged goods from couriers. Having dabbled in IT and building, you do not need a machine back to strip it down and then give a quote. Especially when you want to charge for that privilege. All you say is... estimate.

    I have been in several forums where your "customer service" is legendary for these reasons. At first I thought you couldn't possibly be that bad, but through my own experiences of being ignored, "we're working on it" and the likes for months later there be absolutely nothing to be thankful for my patience. I think I have learn my lesson here, I should have heeded advice and bought an MSI instead, or the Legion 5.

    Poor show ASUS. Why even have a product feedback thread if you take absolutely nothing from it.

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    Hello Ragnaraz690,
    Thank you for your feedback again.
    I'm sorry that so far there is no further information about the items you mentioned.
    So I could only ask you to stay tuned with our updates and appreciate your patience.

    For replacing the thermal module on your laptop,
    our standard process would be examining your laptop first, making sure what is the status when you send in the laptop, the appearance, any of your own adjustment...
    to clarify for both side, which is a protection for you too.
    then engineers will order the spare parts, and the quotation and estimate repair time would be generated for you to decide whether to accept it.
    If you do not want it, you can turn down the quotation.
    We would not provide quotation without checking on the laptop in case there is a expectation gap.
    Please kindly understand. Thank you.

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